Canguçu Centro de Investigación

Canguçu research center (CPC) was created with the main go of being the platform for research Projects.

Instituto Ecologica Biodiversity Conservation November 18, 2018 at 4:23 pm
Pledged of €10,000 goal
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On the Scientific ecoutorism topic, CPC has been a very important place used as the headquarters for those activities, which is of high importance for the maintenance of the research centre since it is an alternative way to raise financial resources helping in the short run. Indirectly, the results of having these kind of activities is to raise the general population concern related to the biological diversity, conservation of forests and also to show them all the research that is conducted there.

To achieve that, people involved with the administration and coordination of the CPC are key and their main go is to disseminate the existence of the research centre and at the same time to provide all the necessary support and logistics to make the use of the research centre accessible and safe for everyone. That way hopefully CPC can continue to be used as an outstanding platform for the dissemination of general and specific knowledge for the population all due to the efforts from “Instituto Ecológica” and “the University Federal do Tocantins -UFT”

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