Agricultura Sustentable

Capacitar a los agricultores familiares para que administren los recursos naturales, estimulándolos a administrar los agroecosistemas con miras a la sostenibilidad ambiental y económica, la soberanía alimentaria y la conservación de la biodiversidad.

UGT - UNIÃO G. DOS TRABALHADORES Education for Sustainability August 17, 2018 at 10:38 am
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“In nature there is no such thing as cold competition. All relations are based on cooperation and unconditional love, always geared to fulfilling a role.” – Ernst Götsch

Our project focuses on sustainable agriculture because it respects the environment, is socially fair and economically viable. Over the last few decades, family agriculture has leapt forward, accounting for over 70% of the food produced and consumed in Brazil today. It is the sector that promotes more harmonious relations between man and nature, produces diverse food crops and marries agricultural development with respect for nature, local cultures and biodiversity.

Agro-forestry systems have traditionally been used by family farmers, serving as a dietary and economic complement. Agro-forestry practices slow down or reverse the degradation of the soil, increase its fertility, capture carbon and ensure subsistence by providing ecological and economic benefits. Therefore, from the environmental point of view, they contribute simultaneously to:

  • A continuous renewal of the fertility of lands cultivated based on intensive cycles of production and return of biomass to the soil, which is a significant aspect including in regions subject to processes of desertification;


  • Conservation and enrichment of agro-biodiversity, through the adoption of a diversified range of practices that value the economic and ecological functions of local genetic resources – native strains and species, re-vegetation with multi-purpose species etc;


  • The absolute non-use of agro-chemicals and other contaminants.


Taken in conjunction with the economic options the family has, these practices of environmental management offer greater resilience to the agro-ecosystem, a fact already proved including during prolonged periods of drought. Furthermore, this pattern of management of the agricultural scenery based on geo-biochemical cycles activated by photosynthesis contributes to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, such results demonstrate the possibility of reconciling practices of agricultural intensification with strategies of mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

 General objective: Training family farmers to administer natural resources, stimulating them to manage agro-ecosystems with a view to environmental and economic sustainability, food sovereignty and biodiversity conservation.

Results expected:

– Creation of a seed exchange fair;

– Improvement in the health management of crops and stock;

– Introduction and incorporation of new activities to complement families’ income and diet;

– Construction and incorporation of management practices that ensure the sustainable use of natural resources;

– Sales coordination among farmers;

– Support for agro-ecological markets;

– Establishment of networks with other organizations;

– Introduction of new technologies.

The reconciliation of humankind with nature requires knowledge of techniques that copy nature, without the use of agro-chemicals or fertilizers, and can act as brakes on climate change, rehabilitate ecosystems and end hunger worldwide. Another world will be possible when the scarcity of water, climate risks and poverty no longer are problems, and food production becomes a process that is beneficial to nature and people.

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