The environmental changes in Brazil, planned or only a whim.

Divaldo Rezende

Divaldo Rezende

Vice President of Ecologica Institute
PhD, Pos Doc in Environmental Assets

With my 35 years of experience in the environmental area and environmental activism in Brazil and Internationally, I was silent, waiting for a miracle to happen and for God to enlighten our president and our governors, showing the appropriate ways for the Brazilian environmental Strategy. Unfortunately, this government no longer considers the environmental issue strategically and puts it at a level of insignificance that has never been seen in this country. It is important to emphasise that no serious organisation will enter in to Brazilian concessions if environmental licensing is not necessary, with its risks and costs previously calculated.

Brazil loses many international resources, leaving the climate issues aside. An average of 420 Billion dollars in investments in the area of climate change is expending annually. The conversion of fines is a smart way to support environmental projects and generate jobs for young professionals across the country. I do not know of any scandal involving environmental NGOs in our country, the same can´t be said of other organizations that have worked in the Ministry of Tourism, Health, Labor etc. 

We need to change our course of actions and really seek to place the Brazilian environment in a strategic way, maintaining conversions of fines, decision-making councils, areas of climate change, among other amazing changes that is happens in the environmental arena. Any international funding or resource donated to Brazil the environmental consequences and changes will be considered, as well as social issues, what response Brazil will give to the World?

Brazil can lead several environmental issues internationally, but unfortunately we are getting smaller and we are losing those opportunities is pity! as a citizen and as an environmentalist I believe that we must create a pact so that relevant environmental issues have a minimum of sustainability and control of communities and people affected. in the case of the climate we are all affected. And the government is not worried about it.

Development and the environment can coexist symbiotically and bring benefits to both sides. We can not let this degrade more and more!!! the saddest is that we watch all this passively and these negative transformations happens not only at federal level, but also in the States and Municipalities. we have to create a strategic network so that this setback does not happen let´s shout, let´s fight. Denounce and let´s choose our future rulers based on their strategical environmental vision.

Simple as that!!!

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