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Malawi has an abundance of water, but a serious problem with water quality. In addition, it is one of the world’s poorest countries and experiencing significant changes to rainfall patterns as a result of climate change.

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The result is that Malawi’s inhabitants struggle to get clean, safe water to drink. Wholesome, treated water is beyond the means of most people to afford, meaning most of the population rely on contaminated water to drink. We want to change thatWe would like to establish a local social enterprise to sell clean & safe water at truly affordable rates using our ground-breaking filter – the Clean Aqua For Ever (CAFE) water filter, which can take contaminated ground or surface water and give EU-standard drinking water; CAFE is very simple technology that can be managed and maintained by local communities who can sell the clean water at actually affordable rates – giving jobs and health and saving them money.

Of all human and animal disease, waterborne infections are responsible for 80% of disease in Asia, Africa & S America, and 5% – 10% of all disease in Europe and N America. According to the World Health Organization, almost two billion people use a source of drinking-water contaminated with faeces, putting them at risk of contracting cholera, dysentery, typhoid and polio. This is preventable. People can often get water – e.g. from rivers, surface water, boreholes – but what they can’t get is CLEAN & SAFE water, free from pathogens & contaminants. They can buy bottled water, and this is often costly & has a huge climate impact. We can change this. In fact, we are passionate about changing it! We want to work with partners in Malawi to use a social enterprise model to sell clean & safe water using our CAFE water filtration system. Profit from water sales is utilised to pay the salaries of local entrepreneur(s) to manage the filter, and can also cover the costs for further environmental and social community projects.

In time, the water sales will also cover the establishment of a Country Manager for Malawi through a wholly owned subsidiary company of Clean Water Wave in Malawi. This model ensures that (i) the capital costs of the CAFE filter are covered through water sales; (ii) the long-term ambitions of Clean Water Wave to scale up are met through in-country presence & manufacturing; (iii) local jobs are created through management, CAFE filter operations & water sales, and manufacturing; and (iv) clean & safe drinking water is delivered to as many communities as possible.

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