How It Works

How to donate to a project

It’s great to see you! That means you want to take care of our planet. So we are thank you for it.

To make a donation, the first thing you have to do is choose which project you want to donate to. We have six categories: biodiversity conservation, circular economy, climate change, education for sustainability, research in sustainable fields and water resources.

Browse all the projects, read the description, watch the videos, ask all the questions you need… and choose one of them that fits with your ideas and values.

When you have chosen a project, click on the ‘support now’ button. Now you will have to choose again: how much do you want to donate? Our projects have a scale of donations, often associated with a scale of gratifications.

You also have the possibility of making a monthly donation. In some NGOs your monthly fee is used as the decided. In Projects for earth you decide where your money goes, and which causes is supported.

Once your project has been consolidated with obtaining all the necessary capital, we will send you an email so you can join the project organizers in the happiness of moving to the development phase of the project.

How to create a project

We show you here how Projects for Earth works creating projects for our planet. First step is to create an account on the platform. For this we need your name, your email and a password. Then you can expand your bio information on your profile.

Once registered, you must press the ‘create your project’ button on the homepage. Fill in the form with the project name, category, the economic amount you need to reach, start and ending date, the description of the project, a photograph and, at last, the levels of the scale of awards.

The scale of awards is one of the most important things in a crowdfunding project. You have to make the givers part of your project, so you can offer them different levels of rewards depending of the amount they donate. Think strongly this part to decide hoy to reward anyone who contributes £1, £10 or £100.

You can safe draft anytime you need. And when you have finished you must press ‘submit for review’. Then, our experts will evaluate the project and give you the final ok.

Onces everything is checked and in order, your project will go to the frontend of the website. It is important that you use your own social networks to spread the project. That’s why we have enabled you the ‘share project’ button

When the project reaches the whole amount of money, all the earthgivers will be notified. So they would join to the happiness of being able to start with the development phase of the project. ‘Crowdfunding’ means ‘together’.