Centro de Investigación Biodiversidad y Metagenoma en Cerrado

Is a non-for-profit initiative with the mission of mitigating the effects of climate change and protecting biodiversity through scientific research, environmental conservation, and community-directed sustainability activities.

Instituto Ecologica Research in Sustainable Fields August 15, 2018 at 8:57 am
Pledged of R$25,284,631 goal
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The project emerges as a biotechnology prospecting strategy of new genes, enzymes, bioactive metabolites and drugs in unexplored ecosystems, namely ecotone savannas in the State of Tocantins. Metagenomics and Bioprospecting activities for the discovery of new substances of industrial interest have spurred many investments of this nature in various regions of the world.

Recent examples are Costa Rica and Thailand, where huge investments were made in research, development of new pharmaceuticals, intensification of bioentrepreneurship and creation of biotech companies. The proposed research will include bioprospection of new molecules and screening for potentially high valuable products. For this, due to the implementation of state-of-the art technologies and high-tech installations, only minimum quantities of biological material shall be necessary (a few grams).

This approach thus enables a sustainable bioprospecting of biodiversity components. Therefore, this technology is important in exploring genetic resources, conducting ecology studies and bioprospecting in sensitive environments subjected to human intervention or in environmental protection areas.

The model proposes to integrate the Center research activities and business incubators focused on bioprospecting, biotechnology and development of innovative products of biological origin. This will create significant knowhow and synergies that have the potential to generate relevant economic benefits for the region.

This proposal details the two components that form the pillars of the integrated RCMB: the construction of the center (administrative structure and laboratories) and the incubators/accelerators to stimulate entrepreneurship of small and medium enterprises in this sector.
This document presents justifications, objectives, action plan, resources and other information necessary for the understanding of the project.

The implementation of this project will ensure significant results, such as the creation of the first Research Center on metagenomics and bioprospecting (RCMB) in Cerrrado and ecotone areas of Tocantins,which are still unexplored. It will enable technical exchanges between national and international organizations. This initiative also aims to promote bio-entrepreneurship in the biodiversity sector following the recently created Brazilian Laws and public policies on Biodiversity.

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