Loving The Planet

A voluntary carbon credit market, that focus on neutralize the impact of carbon emissions investing on projects that mitigate the emission of GHG.

Loving The Planet Circular Economy November 18, 2018 at 4:40 pm
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The “Loving The Planet” is a Voluntary Carbon Credits Market. These types of markets are carbon trading schemes by entities without any imposition or targets imposed by the Kyoto Protocol, ie they are voluntary actions.

These organizations seek to neutralize the impact of the emissions generated by their activities or processes. As such, they invest in projects aimed at reducing GHG emissions through the purchase of carbon offset credits.

These financial instruments are negotiable and are called Verified Emission Reductions (RVEs), where a credit represents one tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2) reduced or no longer issued. The rules of operation are established by independent entities.

The “Loving The Planet” platform aims to provide an ecosystem where institutions can reduce their carbon and ecological footprint in a simple and voluntary way by supporting or encouraging projects in a collaborative financing system in an authentic voluntary carbon credit market.

Crowdfunding is a form of collaborative funding, obtained by contributions from a pool of investors. These types of crowdfunding systems are already widely used around the world. The difference is to use this type of system as a channel of dissemination and financial support for entrepreneurship and innovation geared towards reducing emissions and for environmental and social sustainability.

This platform aims to facilitate, streamline, optimize and give more transparency to the processes and projects presented that can be supported.

“Loving The Planet” wants to empower any institution or organization to offset their CO2 emissions by supporting sustainable development projects, as well as raising awareness and awareness of all environmental and energy issues.

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